AMIT-DC10180 Cordless Hand Drill


1.Compact and light weight design for increased maneuverability.

2.Forward and reverse rotation convinces operating.

3.Center lock ensures safety and prevents accidental start.

4.Fashion new compact design, professional.

5.Ergonomic slim handle with soft-grio bring comfort and enjoy during operation.

6.Industrial metal gearbox and gears for superior durability.

7.Installed with electronic speed switch with 0-resistance Ag contacting point, extend switch life time 200%.

8.Instand stop for precise working when driving rows of screws.


Battery Charger

Remove the battery from the

unit to charge.

Speed Control

Speed adjustable with a speed switch.

Rotation Switch Button

Rotation switch button allows you to

turn the unit turn both left and right.

Torque Control

Torque can be adjusted

by turning the Torque dial.


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