30 pcs Diamond Grinding needle

30 pcs Diamond Grinding needle 



2.size :30pcs

3.grit :course .medium ,fine

4.durable ,grinding ,polish


Diamond files have a uniform distribution and high concentration of diamond particles permitting rapid reduction of stock.Ideal for alloys ,steels,tungsten caride ,hardened stell,glass,fiber glass ,marbel and many other hard materials.


Great for die mould ,saw bldes ,cutting tools ,carbide insert and anywhere permium grinding sharpening is needed .Different shapes and sizes to choose from ,and the grits are avaliable ,course ,medium and fine .


Recommended use : For best use these files with light contact presure .The protrusion and uniformly high concentration of the diamond grit on the file surface snsure smooth ,free cutting action and high depth of cut.The files are cleaned with a toothbrush after use.



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