Nail Puller Steel Crowbar

Nail Puller Steel Crowbar



1. Material : 45# carbon steel

2. Finish : Powder coated, spray powder, Baking Varnish, Polished,Heat treated,Colour Painted

3.Size: 430*30*16MM,600*30*16MM,900*30*16MM

4.Colour: red,black,blue,green and son on



The roller crowbars is a kind of  auxiliary tools for handling of small tanks or other tools for moving cargos.

The basic tool for all fire departments made of forged steel with black finish ,

double –tempered both ends and hexagonal shaft give great strength when

lifting and frying .The claw at the end can usually be worked between the

surfaces and a good deal of leverage applied due to the crowbars shape .


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